SD Pro Disinfectant cas 27668-52-6

SD Pro Disinfectant cas 27668-52-6,SDPro Disinfectant

SD Pro disinfectant cas 27668-52-6 from SD Labs


SD Pro disinfectant,cas 27668-52-6 from SD Labs SD Pro disinfectant,cas 27668-52-6 is a high-performance self-disinfecting coating with antimicrobial revolutionising the coatings market by offering antimicrobial technology with industry-lea…

SD ST,SD Pro,SD 90,SD Labs,DTN 100 Antimicrobial,cas 27668-52-6


SD ST, SD Pro, SD 90 from SD Labs with Active ingredient DTN 100 Antimicrobial,cas 27668-52-6 cas: 27668-52-6 Active Ingredient: DTN 100 Antimicrobial Supplier:  SD Labs (Global Shield Solutions LLC) Synonyms: SDST; SDPRO; SD90; 3-(trimetho…