Daily dosage of emeramide 99%,NBMI,OSR,emeramide dosage

daily dosage of emeramide 99% (NBMI Chelator, OSR, BDTH2)???

Some people have had allergic reactions when first starting Emeramide 99%. Pls refer to following suggestions of emeramide dosage.

This is believed to be a response to residues from the solvents used to make it, as batches made with different solvents have not caused a reaction.

A useful precaution is to start with a dose of about 3-5mg/day for a week to see if any reactions develop. If there are none, try increasing the dose slowly up to the recommended dose of 300mg/day.


Most Importantly, (NBMI Chelator, OSR, BDTH2) emeramide 99%  from FandaChem has been tested for times that almost no residues solvents also very high purity and cheap price。


emeramide autism

Especially, emeramide EA grade (emeramide ea version, osr ea version, nbmi ea grade)from FandaChem is the only one in the world and there is no DCM or DMSO residues solvent inside. This kind of emeramide EA grade from Fandachem is especially used for Children's Autism safely. But for emeramide dosage, pls also refer to above procedures.


There is the link: https://www.emeramide-nbmi.com/


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