Antimicrobial Masterbatch SafeTouch by PolyFusion

Non-Leaching,Non-Toxic Antimicrobial Masterbatch SafeTouch by PolyFusion

PolyFusion, LLC has recently introduced an antimicrobial master batch for thermoplastics.The master batch is being marketed under the name of SafeTouch® and remains effective against microbes for the usable life of the plastic product. The primary antimicrobial utilized in the master batch is a patented silane quat antimicrobial trade named BIOSAFE HM 4100 antimicrobial.
SafeTouch/Biosafe HM 4100 Antimicrobial (cas no.: 199111-50-7) represents the “next generation” of antimicrobials for the plastics industry. The master batch is differentiated by its fast mode of action evaluated on the ASTM, E2149:10 dynamic contact protocol having a (1-hr) test timeline. By comparison, ion exchange and phenol based antimicrobials are tested on a (24-hr) test timeline via a sterile cover slip test protocol. Adding antimicrobials to thermoplastics is as much art as science. Knowledge of appropriate techniques, to have the antimicrobial available at the surface, is essential. PolyFusion has developed various protocols for designing SafeTouch master batches. Antimicrobial efficacy data from thermoplastic systems using these master batches will be discussed.




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