Counterfeit Emeramide (NBMI)??? illegally being sold to the public (EmeraMed) ???

Counterfeit Emeramide (NBMI)? illegally being sold to the public (EmeraMed) ?

Basic knowledge about NBMI (OSR, OSR#1, Emeramide, BDTH2, Irminix)

There are mainly three Reliable Suppliers in the world:, if you buy Emeramide
Medkoo; EmeraMed; FandaChem


N1,N3-bis(2- mercaptoethyl)isophthalamide

CAS NO.: 351994-94-0

Synonyms:  NBMI Chelator; Emeramide; OSR; BDTH2; Irminix; Emeramide 99% (NBMI; OSR; BDTH2; Irminix)

IUPAC/Chemical Name: N1,N3-bis(2-sulfanylethyl)benzene-1,3-dicarboxamide

Treatment in patients with Mercury Poisoning, Lead Poisoning, Cadmium Poisoning and other Heavy metal poisoning (Mercury detox, Lead Detox, Cadmium detox)
Treatment of Children's Autism;emeramide autism
Neuropathic disease due to Heavy metal poisoning.


Counterfeit Emeramide ???

illegally being sold to the public (EmeraMed) ???

We are aware some companies are selling counterfeit Emeramide. a substance that is promoted to work as our mercury chelation compound. In one case, a physician in Sweden purchased fake Emeramide online and tested it. He informed us that the product he bought online did not display the properties of our compound. Please reference the above picture. Emeramide dissolves in DMSO (clear solution) and the fake Emeramide internet counterfeit does not (as it contains an unknown white debris.)

Companies are selling counterfeit Emeramide with the warning “NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION” in big bold letters. This is good advice.

Our drug, Emeramide is pharmaceutically pure with virtually no contamination, made in the United States. It has specific physical properties and precise chemical bonds that studies have shown make it harmless to you.

What is the fake Emeramide made of? (For more than 99% purity Emeramide all dissolve in DMSO, this is very basic knowledge for any chemist!!)
So what is it the fake Emeramide, counterfeit drug made of? While we do not know specifically, we do know it is not the real thing. Since the counterfeit product would not dissolve in DMSO it may be a compound that has no resemblance at all chemically to Emeramide. On the other hand if at one time it was similar in structure to Emeramide it is possible the undissolved white substance is a combination of the heavy metals that Emeramide combines with irreversibly. Counterfeit Emeramide in your system may do real harm as ingestion of an unknown substance is a risk to your health.

Emeramide is a unique chelator
Emeramide is fat soluble when not combined with any of the following metals:

Free Copper
Free Iron


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