Duomeen C,Coco propylene diamine,cas 61791-63-7

Duomeen C,Coco propylene diamine,cas 61791-63-7

Package: 160kg/Drum

N-Coco-1.3-diaminopropane,Coco Diamine,Coco Propylene Diamine,N-椰油基-1,3-丙撑二胺,椰油二胺,N-椰油基丙二胺,N-Coco-1.3-diaminopropane,Cocopropylenediamine,FENTAMINE DA-CO,N-Cocoalkyl. 1,3-propanediamines,N-COCO-1,3-PROPYLENEDIAMINE,N-cocoalkyl-1,3-diaminopropane,N-Cocoalkyl-1,3-Diamino propane,N-COCO ALKYLTRIMETHYLENEDIAMINES, Coco diaminopropane,Amines, N-coco alkyltrimethylenedi-,N-Coco-1.3-diaminopropane,N-Coco propylene diamine Cocopropylenediamine,FENTAMINE DA-CO,N-Cocoalkyl. 1,3-propanediamines,N-coco-1,3-propylenediamine,DUOMEEN C,N-cocoalkyl-1,3-diaminopropane,N-Cocoalkyl-1,3-Diamino propane,N-COCO ALKYLTRIMETHYLENEDIAMINES,
Coco diaminopropane,N-Coco propylenediamine,Coco Diamine,N-(Coco alkyl)trimethylenediamine,Amines, N-Coco Alkyltrimethylenedi-

Applications of Duomeen C,Coco propylene diamine,cas 61791-63-7:
Duomeen C,Coco propylene diamine,cas 61791-63-7 functions as a corrosion inhibitor, cleansing surfactant, emulsifier, and chemical intermediate.
Duomeen C is ideal for chain lubes and cleaning (industrial & institutional) applications.

1) Oilfield
Water Barrier, Film Formation, Biocide,Adhesion and Adsorption

2) Cleaning
Chemical Intermediate, Lubrication, Corrosion Inhibitor, Cleansing Surfactant, Emulsification, Hydrophob Building Block,Lubricant, Metalworking Lubricant Additives, Paints and Coatings, Production, Chain Lubes, Cleaning Industrial and Institutional,Chemical Intermediates, Cleaning Metal, Completion Fluids


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