FAQ of SD Labs’s products, SD 90, SD 90+

FAQ of SD Labs's products, SD 90, SD 90+

Q. Where and how are SD Labs’ products manufactured?
A. Our products are manufactured in the USA in a EPA registered facility under strict quality controls.

Q. What are SD Labs’ SD 90 and 90+ products?
A.Our products are based on a complex organosilane molecule with a U.S. EPA registered active antimicrobial ingredient,DTN 100 Antimicrobial (cas no 27668-52-6),and other additives that are classified as inert by the EPA.DTN 100 is a known antimicrobial thatprovides long-lasting protection against odor causing bacteria, toxic mold, fungi and other harmful microbes.

Q: Are SD Labs’ products EPA registered?
A. Our SD Clean product does not require EPA registration. Our SD VO is an EPA registered medical grade disinfectant. Products made with our EPA registered antimicrobial active ingredient, DTN-100 Antimicrobial, (SD 90, SD 90+, ! ON Guard!, SD Sport, Mold Mitigator) are exempt from registration with the EPA based on the current label claims. These products meet the EPA’s requirements for sale and application in the USA under the Treated Article Exemption. These same products are registered as long lasting surface disinfectants in several foreign countries and have gone through the regulatory approval process and testing required for such claims. These tests include toxicity, inhalation, efficacy and proof of activity .These countries currently include Brazil, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, South Africa, and South Korea. Additional registrations as a long lasting disinfectant are in process in including with the US EPA. We may not currently make public health organism claims in the US for products made with DTN-100 antimicrobial, cas no 27668-52-6.

Q. How does the SD 90 and SD 90+ chemistry work?
A. The simple answer is, “When a microorganism comes in contact with the “sword-like” structure we create on a surface, its outer shell is pierced and the cell is destroyed. “ A more technical answer is, “Our unique, proprietary formula destroys microbes when the silane atom part of the molecule irreversibly bonds to a surface by what is known as a covalent bond creating a very strong attachment to a surface. The nitrogen molecule part of the molecule carries a positive (+) charge that draws microbes, which for the most part carry a negative (-) charge, to the tip of a long molecular carbon chain (opposites attract). When the microbe makes contact with the tip of the carbon chain its cell wall is pierced and the microbe is destroyed.”

Q. How do SD Labs’ products differ from others making similar-sounding claims?
A. SD Labs products that are formulated with DTN-100 utilize a proprietary blend of inert chemistries to obtain a superior surface interaction that enhances the bonding of the antimicrobial active to the surface, and to assure a uniform distribution of product onto the surface. In addition, SD Labs products include chemistries to enable the product to penetrate below the surface to provide additional activity even when all of the product that is on the top of a surface has eroded. These features are not present in competitive products that have much shorter life and are easily wiped away.

Q. How has the Company proven its product performance claims?
A. The Company has amassed numerous evidenced-based scientific studies conducted by independent laboratories that support its claims.

Q. Once a surface has been treated can it be conventionally cleaned with commercial products?
A. Yes, all SD Labs’ treated surfaces can be cleaned repeatedly, with any customary non-abrasive detergents to clean the surface of dust, dirt, grime and organic matter without disturbing “invisible” shield.

Q. Are SD Labs products safe?
A. Yes. They are safe for the environment and the surfaces on which the products are applied. Our products are not poisonous, contain no toxic chemicals or heavy metals or VOC’s. Our products made with DTN-100 carry a Level IV toxicity rating, which is the lowest level from the U.S. EPA.

Q. What is SD Labs’ products Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") toxicity rating?
A. Our products have been identified by the EPA to have a toxicity rating of Level IV which requires following only precau-tionary statements on our product labels.

Q. What is the products’ shelf life?
A. Under the Company’s recommended storage directions, the products remain effective for more than to 1.5 years once the product has shipped from the factory.

Q. When SD Labs’ products are applied to glass or marble is there any visible coating?
A. No, if properly applied. If the product is overapplied, a slight white haze may be visible. This haze can be removed by wip-ing the surface with a hot lint free towel. Doing so will NOT break down the coating.

Q. When I apply the product on a surface how long should I wait before wiping the product?
A. You want to be sure that the products have a chance to fully bond to the surface to which it is being applied so we recommend you let the product air dry after you have wiped the product onto the surface. Once fully dry, you can wipe down with a damp cloth if you wish. Please see the detailed instruction on the product label.

Q. Where can SD Labs’ products be used?
A. Our products are approved for use at home in the kitchen, bathroom, basement and garage and commercially in fitness centers, daycare centers, offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, really anywhere microbial growth may become evident.

Q. Are SD Labs’ products flammable or corrosive like alcohol-based products?
A. No, our products are neither flammable or corrosive.

Q. Where can I buy other SD Labs products?
A. Contact your local retailer or representative.

Q. Where can SD Labs’ products be used?
A. On all of life’s surfaces, including porous and non-porous surfaces. SD Labs products made with DTN-100 are not EPA approved for direct food contact use on items such as cutting boards, knives and raw food material processing equipment.

Q. Will SD Labs’ products stain floors, carpets, fabrics, wood, marble or other surfaces?
A. In general, no, but always spot test an inconspicuous area before full treatment as these are water based products.

Q. What is SD Labs’ Clean/Disinfect/Protect™ Integrated Program?
A. This program integrates our products in a plan to work together to control and manage harmful and destructive microorganisms where people live, work and play, all day, every day. This integrated program is effective on virtually any surface to remediate and control microbial growth 24/7/365. When deploying our integrated solution, we offer not only the products but also the equipment and training to achieve best-in-class microorganism remediation and control, providing our customers with an enhanced level of hygiene.

Q. What is SD Labs’ Cleaner?
A. Our SD Clean is a powerful cleaner/deodorizer that quickly rids surfaces of grime, dirt, grease and organics;. SD Clean has a clean fragrance, brightens surfaces as it cleans, and comes ready-to-use. This cleaner has been specially formulated as a treatment preparation prior to the application of our antimicrobial-based products

Q. What is SD Labs’ Disinfectant?
A. Our SD VO disinfectant is EPA registered as a hospital-grade disin-fectant that kills a broad spectrum of 99.999% of disease-causing bacteria and viruses such as MRSA, H1N1, E-coli, etc. SD VO can be use on direct food contact surfaces, and more.

Q. What is SD Labs’ SD 90 Surface Treatment?
A. Evidence-based studies have demonstrated SD 90 lays down an irreversible, "invisible" coating on a surface that self-protects for up to 90 days or more to fight the growth of surface damaging, odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. SD 90 won’t readily was off and works 24/7 to control microorganisms as noted.

Q. What is SD Labs’ SD 90+ Protectant Coating?
A. Available to trained professional applicators, SD 90+ is ready-to-use and is commercially applied with pour proprietary electrostatic spray technology. Evidence based studies have demonstrated that its irreversible, invisible coating can last for a year or more to inhibit the growth of surface damaging and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew, depending upon use conditions. SD Labs's products



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