Goldshield 5 Antimicrobial Protectant

Goldshield 5 Antimicrobial Protectant
(Microbiostatic –Biocidal Agent)
EPA Registration No. 85556-1
CAS NO.:199111-50-7
Active ingredient:3-(trihydroxysily)propyldimethyl-octadecylamine ammonium chloride 5%
EU Registered: Biocide

A patented water-stabilized, surface penetrating organosilane (3-(trihydroxysily)propyldimethyl-octadecylamine ammonium chloride) that provides effective antimicrobial properties on a wide variety of materials. Goldshield 5 Protectant is a water-based 5% concentrated solution of a Silicone Quaternary Ammonium Salt that can provide a durable microbiostatic finish when applied to textiles, siliceous surfaces, natural and man made fibers, metals, leather, wood, rubber, plastic and Formica. For a general description of the typical chemical and physical properties refer to the Material Safety and Data Sheet. Goldshield 5 Antimicrobial Kills CoronaVirus (Covid-19),






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