HM 4100 Antimicrobial,199111-50-7 Powder

HM 4100 Antimicrobial,199111-50-7 Powder

HM 4100 Antimicrobial 199111-50-7 Powder is a non-leaching silicon-based antimicrobial that imparts bacteriostatic, fungistatic, and algistatic properties to coatings and resins for manufactured goods.

Octadecyldimethyl(3-trihydroxysilylpropyl)ammonium chloride 84% active condensed which in fact is Silsesquioxanes, 3-(dimethyloctadecylammonio)propyl, hydroxy-terminated, chlorides (Si-O-Si Oligomer).

Active Ingredient: 5% 3-(Trihydroxysilyl)propyldimethyloctadecyl ammonium chloride (cas: 199111-50-7)

1. No VOCs
2. Used in resin blending, compounding, and coatings
3. Typical use concentrations of 0.25-0.5 wt% active relative to the substrate being treated
4. Incompatible with anionic surfactants

Resin Compatibility:
TPU - Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Urethane Foam
Polyether bock amide (PEBAX®)
Silicone (not post-cured)
Polyamide 6 (PA6 or nylon 6)
Acrylic (cast and thermoplastic)
Acrylic Adhesives
Spun Fiber
Fiberglass Gel Coat


HM 4100 Antimicrobial (Only for Polymer Resin Plastic)

HM 4100 Antimicrobial (cas 199111-50-7 Powder)

HM 4100 Antimicrobial (Insoluble in water)

HM 4100 Antimicrobial (Process temperature < 170℃)

HM 4100 Antimicrobial cas 199111-50-7 Powder Insoluble in water Only for Polymer Resin Plastic Process temperature < 170℃


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