PDHP,Reilly PDHP Adhesive Accelerator,Vanax 808 HP,34562-31-7

PDHP (Reilly PDHP Adhesive Accelerator,Vanax 808 HP), CAS:34562-31-7

Reilly PDHP Adhesive Accelerator
Vanax 808HP;
Vanax 808 HP;same as VANAX 808HP

Chemical & Physical Properties:
Appearance:Yellow to amber liquid
Density:0.933 g/cm3
Boiling Point:359.2oC at 760 mmHg
Flash Point:154.3oC
Index of Refraction:1.518
Vapour pressure:2.42E-05mmHg at 25°C
Solubility in water: less than 0.1 gm in 100 gm of water at 25 ℃

Rubber chemical PDHP vulcanization accelerator (condensation product of aldehyde and amine) is used as primary accelerator of
natural and synthetic rubber (such as NR, SBR, Cr, IIR and latex), a medium strength accelerator. It can be used alone as
vulcanization accelerator in the production process of latex line. It can also be used as an accelerator in the curing process of
anaerobic adhesive. Activator of acid accelerator. It is very suitable for reclaiming, hard rubber raw materials and Cr cement
containing stone chips. Latex vulcanizate is aging well. It is also used as a secondary accelerator in CPE.

Other informations:
Packing:25kg/drum, 1kg/Bottle
Long-Term Storage:Store at room temperature
Shelf life: 2 years


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