Potassium Lauryl Phosphate,cas no.: 39322-78-6

Potassium Lauryl Phosphate,CAS No.: 39322-78-6
Molecular Formula:C12H25K2O4P
Formula Weight: 342.5

Potassium Lauryl Phosphate (MAP-K)
Lauryl alcohol phosphoric acid ester potassium (MAPK)
Dipotassium dodecyl phosphate
Potassium dodecyl hydrogen phosphate
Potassium Lauryl Phosphate(MLPK)
Potassium Lauryl Phosphoric Mono Esters
Potassium Lauryl Phosphoric Esters

Boiling Point:385.5℃ at 760mmHg
Flash Point:187 ℃
Appearance :White paste
Odour:slightly characteristic odour
Solid content %:50.0±2.0
PH :6.0-8.0

Uses of Potassium Lauryl Phosphate,cas no.: 39322-78-6
It is used as emulsifier; Conditioning shampoo, milk body lotion, facial cleanser, dandruff shampoo, etc
Package: 50 kg/drum or 200kg/drum
Storage: Keep away from light and humidity.

Introduction of Potassium Lauryl Phosphate,cas no.: 39322-78-6:
1. Safe and non irritating: the product is similar to natural phospholipids in structure, extremely mild in nature and almost non irritating to skin and eyes. It is an ideal cream emulsifier.
2. Excellent emulsifying, solubilizing and dispersing properties: it can emulsify a variety of oil phases including silicone oil.
3, low surface tension, rich and delicate foam, decontamination and cleanliness is moderate: when used, produce rich and fine milk foam, easy to clean, skin clean after feeling very excellent, clean and clean, not tight, feel comfortable.
4. Excellent moisturizing performance: when cleaning the skin, it can give the skin a soft, smooth and refreshing feeling. Antistatic and softening effect is obvious. It is also suitable for shampoo, hair additives and fabric fiber finishing agents.
5. Good biodegradability
6. Low toxicity: potassium phosphate is a low toxicity. The LD50 (mgkg) for mice is 74000 and the LC50 (mgkg) for fish is 3400 ~ 12800.
7. The hard water resistance of MAPK is slightly worse than that of other anionic surfactants. Therefore, when formulating, attention should be paid to adding hard water resistant agent (such as EDTA) or hard water resistant surfactant (such as sulfobetaine) to play its excellent performance.


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