PreventX 24/7 (0.84% cas no 199111-50-7)

PreventX 24/7 water solution 0.84% cas no 199111-50-7

PreventX 24/7 0.84% cas no 199111-50-7 is an all surface protection barrier that contains an EPA registered antimicrobial that destroys colony forming units of bacteria, viruses, mold/mildew and more, providing upwards of 30 days of active protection for your workplace.


Active Ingredient:  3-(trihydroxysilyl) Propyldimethyloctadecyl ammonium chloride 0.84% solution

cas no.: 199111-50-7


PreventX 24/7 0.84% cas no 199111-50-7 is a durable antimicrobials effective against a wide range of microorganisms.

In today’s world in response to COVID-19, proper “Cleaning & Disinfecting Protocols” are more important than ever to maintain a healthy surface environment. “Disinfect More” is what most customers are planning to do. Agreeably that is a good start, but only part of the solution. Robertson Harness after extensive degradation testing recommends PreventX 24/7 for a primary level of defense between cleaning and disinfecting.
The compound in PreventX 24/7 is safe to humans and is non-toxic, non-leaching, and non-hazardous.
PreventX 24/7 is extremely effective against certain mold, mildew, fungi, algae and most harmful bacteria. The beauty of this technology is that it controls microorganisms without chemical poisons. Instead PreventX 24/7 relies on electrically charged particles that have a unique spiked molecular structure. In nature, most microbes carry the opposite electrical charge – so they are physically and irresistibly drawn into contact with PreventX 24/7’s pointed molecules.The physical contact punctures the cell walls of the offending microbes. These molecular spikes are undetectable to human touch, but more than a match for single-cell organisms.
This invisible shield will adhere to nearly any natural or man-made substance including hard surfaces such as walls, floors and wood as well as soft surfaces like carpet and upholstery.
PreventX 24/7 provides long lasting protection that won’t wash away or lose its effectiveness over time. It is equally useful as a treatment for existing contamination or as a long-term, invisible safe-guard against future problems.

PreventX 24/7 ANTIMICROBIAL Treatment-(30-90 day treatment)
reventX 24/7 (0.84% cas no 199111-50-7) is not a disinfectant, it is a registered antimicrobial (EPA Reg. No. 91116-1); it works hand in hand with disinfectants and is the missing piece of the puzzle. The two work together better than either one can do on their own. PreventX 24/7 is extremely durable and remains on both hard and soft surfaces to control the growth of microorganisms (germs, odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus, and algae).
Surface Protection using PreventX 24/7
cross‐contamination, regardless of type, is significantly reduced everywhere PreventX 24/7TM is used
Protection Using PreventX 24/7 (0.84% cas no 199111-50-7)
Surface Protection 24 hours 7 days a week
One application protects surface for 30 to 90 days
Implement one of the NewEraSOS programs, and Maximize your protection
Depending on friction or ultraviolet, can last a year or more
Lasts up to 20 plus washes after treatment on fabrics

Top benefits of PreventX 24/7 (0.84% cas no 199111-50-7)
1)An affordable, fast, and convenient spray and wipe application that is available in concentrate up to 3X (for FDA-approved facilities) and in ready-to-use.
2)Independent studies have shown the active ingredient in PreventX 24/7 to be effective against many different microorganisms, including bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi.
3)PreventX 24/7 is an EPA registered antimicrobial (EPA Reg. No. 91116-1).
Typical disinfectants work while wet, but once the product dries, there is no further protection, and the treated surface is ready for re-contamination. PreventX 24/7 will continue to protect your surfaces against microorganisms for 30 to 90 days, depending on surface use.
4)Reduces ATP scores for added safety compliance.
5)Germs cannot thrive on a surface treated with PreventX 24/7.
6)PreventX 24/7 Provides a protective finish that bonds to the surface, not destroyed by normal daily cleaning.
7)PreventX 24/7 provides continuous surface protection in between cleaning and disinfecting events.
8)Microscopic "carbon spikes" penetrate the cells and destroy the organisms.
9)PreventX 24/7 environmental green technology is non-toxic, non-leaching, non-hazardous, and will not promote the growth of superbugs.
10)PreventX 24/7 is approved for fabrics and so much more.

Hard surfaces & fabrics air filters, awnings, building materials & components, blankets, bed linen, granite, stone, siding, bathroom, carpets, curtains, countertops, fabrics, walls, ceiling tile, concrete, flooring, footwear, ceramic, stainless, vinyl, porcelain, marble, aluminum, leather, mats, fire resistant coatings, plumbing fixtures, pillows, roofing materials, sand bags, tents, tarps, shoe insoles, socks, shower curtains, toweling, umbrella, upholstery, vacuum bags, Clothing, underwear, face masks, PPE.


* What surfaces can preventX 24/7 (0.84% cas no 199111-50-7) be applied?
PreventX 24/7 can be used as a final bacteriostatic finish on multiple surfaces such as door knobs and handles, gloves, cabinetry, and surfaces subject to odor producing bacteria, mold, mildew, and algae; showers, counter tops, fixtures, grout/tile, carpets, equipment, walls, etc.

* How does the PreventX 24/7 (0.84% cas no 199111-50-7) technology work?
The active ingredient in PreventX 24/7 forms a colorless, odorless, positively charged polymer that molecularly bonds to the treated surface. You could think of it as a layer of electrically charged swords. When a microorganism comes in contact with the treated surface, the C-18 molecular sword punctures the cell membrane and the electrical charge shocks the cell. Since nothing is transferred to the now dead cell, the antimicrobial doesn’t lose strength and the sword is ready for the next cell to contact it.

* What is the purpose of the silane portion of the molecule?
Silanes are extremely efficient bonding agents that can be coupled to other molecules and then used to permanently bond those molecules to a target surface.
Our antimicrobial silane modifies virtually any surface and transforms it into a material that will not support microbial growth.

* What is the difference between PreventX 24/7 and other antimicrobials?
Conventional products penetrate living cells and kill by way of poisoning the organism or disrupting a vital life process. They are designed to act quickly and dissipate quickly. Most commercial antimicrobials used for treating surfaces do an adequate job of killing bacteria and fungi, although most have a limited range of effectiveness. The PreventX 24/7 technology takes a totally unique approach. It provides an effective initial microbial kill when applied, but, unlike the conventional methods, it also provides long-term control of growth on treated surfaces, often for the life of that surface. The surface itself is modified to make it antimicrobially active.

* Against what types of bacteria is PreventX 24/7 technology effective?
The PreventX 24/7 (0.84% cas no 199111-50-7) technology has a mode of action that involves a positive charge and is effective

* Does the biocide use a heavy metal?
No,PreventX 24/7 does NOT contain any heavy metals. Tin, arsenic, silver and copper are often used in other antimicrobials.

* How long does the treatment last?
In most cases, a minimum of 30 days. The life of a treated surface depends on a number of factors, not the least of which is surface preparation. If you treat a dirty or unstable surface, when the dirt comes off or the surface is disturbed, some of the antimicrobial will be removed with it. Abrasive or caustic (pH>10.5) cleaners will also shorten effective life.

* Why is PreventX 24/7 so durable?
Because of their exceptional chemical bond (a covalent bond) the bonded polymer is neither soluble nor volatile. The unique bond results in the PreventX 24/7 polymer becoming an integral part of the substrate.

* Is PreventX 24/7 permeable to moisture?
Yes, moisture that is in or on the treated material/surface passes through the treatment. After curing, the treatment is somewhat hydrophobic (water repellent), but it should not be considered to be a replacement for commercial water repellents.

* Will its use result in “super bacteria”?
No. Adaptation studies show that microbes do not adapt to PreventX 24/7 and no ‘Zone of Inhibition’ develops.

* Can PreventX 24/7TM be used on food-contact surfaces?
No. FDA defines these surfaces as surfaces where human food contacts the surface during normal operations such as utensils, pot-stocks, slicers and cutting boards. These represent less than 1% of the surfaces in a restaurant and are typically disinfected after each use. All other areas of the restaurant can be treated with PreventX 24/7TM. (tables, chairs, counters, bars, walls, S&P shakers, menus, etc.

* How long after applying PreventX 24/7TM can you clean or disinfect the surface?
We recommend a minimum of 2 hours before cleaning or disinfecting a surface.

* Is PreventX 24/7 (0.84% cas no 199111-50-7) TM permeable to moisture?
Yes, moisture that is in or on the treated material/surface passes through the treatment. After curing, the treatment is somewhat hydrophobic (water repellent), but it should not be considered to be a replacement for commercial water repellents.

* What is the shelf life of PreventX 24/7TMI?
We guarantee the product for two years after the manufacturing date.

* Will PreventX 24/7 (0.84% cas no 199111-50-7) kill SARS-CoV-2?
There is no bacteriostatic or antimicrobial registered by the EPA that can claim anything but protection of surfaces or articles from odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew, and algae. Over the last 30 years, independent testing and studies have been performed on the formulation used to build PreventX 24/7TM that shows effectiveness against a wide array of microorganisms, including gram-positive/negative bacteria, enveloped/non-enveloped viruses, mold, mildew, and algae. These studies are not meant to mislead customers that using an antimicrobial is approved by the EPA for viral claims or that it should be used as a replacement for disinfecting protocols. The studies are provided to demonstrate the effectiveness of the technology. This is why we promote the use of both disinfectants and antimicrobials for optimal surface protection.


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