Sanitized Puretec (Silane Quat antimicrobial,cas# 41591-87-1) technology

Sanitized Puretec (Silane Quat antimicrobial cas# 41591-87-1) technology

SANITIZED AG, the Swiss expert in antimicrobial solutions for longlasting freshness in textiles presents a new product portfolio: Sanitized Puretec (Silane Quat antimicrobial,cas# 41591-87-1) with Active ingredient: Dimethyltetradecyl[3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl]ammonium chloride, CAS No.: 41591-87-1. A non-leaching, metal-free and particle-free antimicrobial solution for textiles to prevent the buildup of odor-causing bacteria. The technology provides long-lasting effects without release of the active ingredient, making it a safe and sustainable solution even after many washes.

Fueled by the search for more sustainable antimicrobial solutions, marketplace demands for effective metal-free and particle-free odor control technologies have increased. The developers at SANITIZED have managed to advance the durability and efficacy of Sanitized Puretec (Silane Quat antimicrobial,cas# 41591-87-1), a family of quaternary silane (quat-silane) based antimicrobial finishes which meet these demands. Due to the active’s non-leaching nature, the quat-silane technology remains affixed to the fabric’s surface. Sanitized Puretec (Silane Quat antimicrobial,cas# 41591-87-1) technology has shown excellent performance on all fiber types, especially synthetic fibers like polyesters. It enhances the functionality of textiles by utilizing the high cationic charge density of a fully polymerized siloxane polymer network to reduce the microorganism on contact.

A durable solution for sportswear
Sanitized Puretec (Silane Quat antimicrobial,cas# 41591-87-1) offers a unique solution for brands and retailers producing synthetic sportswear by allowing consumers to wear the products they love for longer periods of time before having to wash them again. This provides brands and activewear users with peace of mind by delivering long-lasting freshness on textiles. From hitting the gym to running errands, the technology allows consumers to remain confident and comfortable even throughout their busiest days.

Odor control, fabric deterioration prevention, extended durability
Preventing bacterial growth does not only significantly reduce odor formation but simultaneously protects the textile from bacteria induced deterioration and discoloration, all of which can jeopardize the durability of the product. As demonstrated in various microbiological tests, Sanitized Puretec (Silane Quat antimicrobial,cas# 41591-87-1) guarantees optimal odor control performance–even with ongoing washing and wearing. The product portfolio delivers added value to textiles by easing product maintenance and enhancing usability and performance.

Technical advantages
Sanitized Puretec (Silane Quat antimicrobial,cas# 41591-87-1) technology can be easily integrated into existing application techniques such as pad and exhaust and is compatible with other functional performance finishes. It exhibits excellent wash fastness and temperature stability and is dermatologically tested to be non-sensitizing to the human skin, making it safe for an abundance of textile applications.

Verifying antimicrobial performance
Properly treated quat-silane surfaces can deliver broad spectrum, durable antimicrobial properties to prevent bacterial attachment and biofilm formation on fabrics. Utilizing appropriate test methods is critical to accurately measure and verify the microbiological performance of quaternary silane technologies. Sanitized Puretec (Silane Quat antimicrobial,cas# 41591-87-1) odor control solutions have been tested through 40 washes using ASTM E3162-18, the industry standard wash durability method approved by the International Antimicrobial Council (IAC). As for the microbiologcal test method, the IAC recommends ASTM E2149-20 for the Sanitized Puretec (Silane Quat antimicrobial,cas# 41591-87-1) technology. Using IAC Certified laboratories with IAC verified test reports, brands and retailers can be assured that products have been tested by trained and proficient microbiology professionals.


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