XYLEX PROTECT (cas 199111-50-7 water solution)

XYLEX PROTECT (Clean Surface Technology) (cas 199111-50-7 water solution)

What is XYLEXTM PROTECT (powered by BIOSAFE)?

XYLEXTM PROTECT is originally GR-AD Pro Clean Surface Technology.

Active Ingredient: 3-(trihydroxysilyl) propyldimethyloctadecyl ammonium chloride
cas no 199111-50-7   (water solution)

XYLEXTM PROTECT (Active ingredient: cas 199111-50-7) is a safe and clinically proven clean surface technology.
XYLEXTM PROTECT (cas 199111-50-7) is working 24/7
• Clean surface technology protects surfaces with by a barrier mechanism
• Enables more thorough and complete disinfection
• Helps maintain consistently low ATP levels for 30 days when part of a standard cleaning and disinfection protocol

Why do we need XYLEXTM PROTECT (Active ingredient: cas 199111-50-7)?

General disinfectants
• When used properly, disinfectants work temporarily, but sometimes incompletely, on a variety of hightouch surfaces

Surface cleanliness
• Surfaces can harbor germs through microbial exponential regrowth, or recontamination between cleaning over the course of 24hrs

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)
• High-touch surfaces are a known vector for the spread of HAIs, and it is not feasible to clean and disinfect all surfaces every hour, or even every several hours, so a barrier product is very advantageous

Cleaning procedure of XYLEXTM PROTECT (Active ingredient: cas 199111-50-7):
• Disinfect high-touch surfaces (general disinfectant cleaning)
• Measure ATP level to confirm it is below required level
• Disinfect surface again 12-24 hours later

Clean Surface Technology (BIOSAFE uses a silane quat technology, cas 199111-50-7 Hydroxy-5700)

With an increased need for cleaning and safety during the pandemic, XYLEXTM PROTECT can be used in public spaces as well. Easy application for public restrooms, elevators, door handles, keyboards, etc.

How Does XYLEXTM PROTECT (Active ingredient: cas 199111-50-7) (powered by BIOSAFE) Work?

1. Clean and disinfect surface
2. Apply XYLEXTM PROTECT and let dry
3. XYLEXTM PROTECT creates a molecular barrier on the surface that protects against microorganisms.

XYLEX Protect (cas 199111-50-7) by Gelest, Inc. creates an invisible and durable molecular barrier (self-assembled monolayer) to protect high-touch surfaces.
This self-assembled monolayer does not support microbial growth.
The monolayer act as a smooth surface that makes general disinfectants more effective than cleaning on a rough, porous surface.
















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