Ztrex 72 Antimicrobial 72% cas 27668-52-6 in Methanol

Ztrex 72 Antimicrobial 72% cas 27668-52-6 in Methanol
Ztrex 72 Antimicrobial Agent Mup
A Silicone Quaternary Ammonium Salt
CAS NO.: 27668-52-6

INERT INGREDIENTS ............................................................ 28%


EPA Reg,Number:48937-1

Ztrex Antimicrobial 72 MUP silane quat in methanol 72% active cas 27668-52-6,
Ztrex Antimicrobial 72 MUP 72% cas 27668-52-6 in Methanol,
Pomofresh X 105 5% cas 27668-52-6,
Pomofresh 3851 35% silane quat in Methanol cas 27668-52-6,
Pomofresh 42 42% silane quat in Mehtanol cas 27668-52-6,
FoamFresh 4850 50% active silane quat cas 27668-52-6,
Pomofresh SONA Silane quat cas 27668-52-6,
FoamFresh RB-2 Silane quat cas 27668-52-6,








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