Belt SC Insecticide

Belt SC Insecticide

Active ingredient: Flubendiamide 480g/L
cas no.: 272451-65-7

Belt SC Insecticide helps preserve yield potential by combining rapid knockdown and long-lasting residual. Worms stop feeding within minutes, and residual activity can last two weeks or more, without flaring mites. Belt is rainfast after dry on leaf surfaces and poses minimal risk to beneficial insects. Belt insecticide performance goes above and beyond in over 170 crops, including soybeans, corn, cotton, pistachios, peanuts, and sorghum.

For control of certain insects on alfalfa, corn (field corn, pop corn, sweet corn, silage, and corn grown for seed), cotton,
peanut, safflower, sorghum, sugarcane, sunflower, tobacco, pome fruit, stone fruit, tree nuts and pistachio, grape, small
fruit vine climbing subgroup (except fuzzy kiwifruit), legume vegetables (except soybean), soybeans, and Christmas trees.

Exceptionally Fast Action - Stops feeding fast.
Long-Lasting - Rainfast with excellent residual activity.
Integrated Pest Management - Provides minimal risk to beneficial insects and is an excellent resistance management tool.

EPA Registration No 264-1025


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