BioShield 5000 C (5% Water Solution of cas 199111-50-7)

BioShield 5000 C (5% Water Solution of cas 199111-50-7)

Active Ingredient: 3-(trihydroxysilyl)propyldimethyloctadecyl ammonium chloride..5% water solution
cas no.: 199111-50-7

Price of BioShield 5000 C (5% Water Solution of cas 199111-50-7)
Pack Size:20kg
20kg: Price US$5/kg
200kg: Price US$4/kg
1000kg: Price US$3.5/kg
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Synonyms: ProShield 5000 D Microbiostatic Agent,ProShield 5000 D (5% 199111-50-7)

BioShield 5000 C water solution (5% water solution cas 199111-50-7) is a concentrated, EPA-registered technology for inhibiting the growth of a wide array of bacteria, mold, mildew, algae, fungi, and yeast. BioShield® 5000 C produces a durable biostatic finish that destroys microbes on contact. Conventional antibacterial agents work as poisons and require regular reapplication. In addition, hardier microbes that survive can flourish and replicate, creating poison-resistant “superbugs.”

In contrast, BioShield 5000 C (5% cas 199111-50-7), ProShield 5000 D Microbiostatic Agent, ProShield 5000 D (5% 199111-50-7), physically destroys microbes by rupturing the cell wall. There are no poisons to be exhausted, and microbes do not become resistant.
BioShield 5000 C (5% cas 199111-50-7) is an aqueous solution of an organosilane active material. It contains no solvents and is not flammable or corrosive. It is extremely durable and remains effective up to 90 days.

Physical Properties of BioShield 5000 C (5% cas 199111-50-7):
Appearance: Clear Liquid
pH (undiluted): 3.0 - 5.0
Solubility: Readily Soluble in Water
Specific Gravity: 0.97 - 1.01 g/cc
% Active: 5.0

Mix Instructions of BioShield 5000 C (5% cas 199111-50-7):
The proper mix ratio is 5:1 (5 parts water and 1 part product). This dilution rate is applicable for a multitude of applications including, but not limited to, hard surfaces in food service, hospitality, commercial transportation, healthcare, fitness centers, education sector, and residential care. Mixing methods includes manual and water-driven wall-mounted mixing stations.

EnviroSystems BioShield 5000 C (5% cas 199111-50-7) is the concentrated version of BioShield 75. It inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, algae, and fungi and under normal conditions will remain effective for up to 90 days. BioShield 5000 C (5% cas 199111-50-7) may be diluted and sprayed onto almost any surface.







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