Gadolinium chelating agent

Gadolinium Poisoning, Gadolinium Toxicity

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Gadolinium Poisoning, Gadolinium Toxicity Most of the known toxicity of the free Gd3+ ion is related to 2 properties: its insolubility at physiologic pH, resulting in very slow systemic excretion; and an ionic radius close to that of Ca2+ (…

Gadolinium side effects

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Gadolinium side effects GBCAs and MRIs Gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs) are soluble metal-ligand complexes of gadolinium ion Gd3+. Contrast agents fall into the definition of drugs as a tool for making a medical diagnosis [1]. GBCAs…

HOPO Chelator, cas 110874-36-7

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HOPO Chelator,cas110874-36-7 (Chelating agent for Gadolinium,Radioactive elements,Zirconium-89) Use: 1. therapeutic metal chelating agent for Environmental contaminants like lead and cadmium 2. therapeutic metal chelating agent for Gadolini…