Saniconcentrates antimicrobial substitute

PolymerSafe 1000 Antimicrobial for Masterbatch & Polymer & Plastic


PolymerSafe 1000 Antimicrobial Powder (Substitute for HM4100 Antimicrobial, Saniconcentrate, Silver Ion) CAS#: 199111-50-7 Process Temperature:   ≤300℃ Dosage:                                 0.1%-1% (preferably 0.2%-0.5%) Applications:    …

Saniconcentrate -Biosafe hm4100 antimicrobial analogue


Saniconcentrate -Biosafe hm4100 antimicrobial analogue Antimicrobial technologies have historically used biocides, such as silver or copper, to destroy microorganisms. While this method may effectively destroy bacteria and viruses, it can l…

HM 4100 Antimicrobial,199111-50-7 Powder


HM 4100 Antimicrobial,199111-50-7 Powder HM 4100 Antimicrobial 199111-50-7 Powder is a non-leaching silicon-based antimicrobial that imparts bacteriostatic, fungistatic, and algistatic properties to coatings and resins for manufactured good…