Transform WG INSECTICIDE,Sulfoxaflor 50%WDG,cas 946578-00-3

Transform WG INSECTICIDE,Sulfoxaflor 50%WDG,cas 946578-00-3

For control or suppression of aphids, fleahoppers, plant bugs,stink bugs, whiteflies and certain psyllids, scales, and thrips on: alfalfa, artichoke (globe), asparagus, avocado, barley, bulb vegetables (crop group 3-07), bushberry (subgroup 13-07B),caneberry (subgroup 13-07A), canola (rapeseed) (subgroup 20A),citrus (crop group 10), corn (field, pop, sweet, grown for seed),cotton, cucurbit vegetables (crop group 9), fruiting vegetables (crop group 8), leaves of root and tuber vegetables (crop group2), low growing berry (subgroup 13-07G) (except strawberry),millet, oats, okra, pome fruits (crop group 11), potatoes (crop groups 1C and 1D), rice, root and tuber vegetables (crop groups 1A and 1B), rye, small fruit vine climbing (except fuzzy kiwifruit) (subgroup 13-07F), sorghum, soybean, stone fruits (crop group 12-12), strawberry, succulent, edible podded, and dry beans, sunflower (subgroup 20B), teff, teosinte, tree nuts (crop group 14-12), tree plantations, triticale, and wheat.


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