Accelerator PT25E/2,cas 3077-12-1,878391-30-1

Accelerator PT25E/2, cas 3077-12-1,878391-30-1
Chemical name:N.N-Bis(2-hydroxyethyl)-p-toluidine,over-ethoxylated

Synonyms: Bisomer PTE

Chemical structure:








Used as a Liquid curing agent for epoxy resins, in coatings and construction Industry, Also used in various applications such as: road markings, coatings, chemical anchors, industrial flooring and adhesives,glues.


Assay: 46-52% by area

Hydroxy value 460-540 mg KOH/g

Amine value 240-270 mg KOH/g

Appearance: Light yellow to brown liquid

Manufacturer: Lanxess


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