Bisomer PTE,cas 103671-44-9

Bisomer PTE,cas 103671-44-9

CAS number:103671-44-9


Package: 25kg/Drum; 200kg/Drum

Chemical structure :

Bisomer PTE,cas 103671-44-9

N,N-BIS-(2-HYDROXYETHYL)-PARA-TOLUIDINE,Para-toluidine Ethoxylate,N,N-bis-(2-hydroxyethyl)-para-toluidine,Para-toluidine Ethoxylate,N,N-dihydroxyethyl-p-toluidine, Amine activator for organic peroxide initiation,Diethanol-para-toluidine from BASF,P-Tolyldiethanolamine,N,N-Bis(2-hydroxyethyl)-p-toluidine,2,2'-(p-Tolylazanediyl)diethanol, 2,2'-(p-Tolylimino)diethanol,Diethylol-p-toluidin,PERGAQUICK A150 PM,Paratoluidine Ethoxylate,Amine Activator,Amine Accelerator,Ethoxylated para toluidine

Property of Bisomer PTE,cas:103671-44-9:
Appearance:Amber or Orange-brown liquid
Amine value, mgKOH / g:250 - 264
Colour number, Gardner: 15 max
Molecular weight (av), g / mol:217
Boiling point / boiling range:> 275°C/> 527°F
Flash point:176℃/ 348.8°F
Solubility:Acetone, Ethanol

Features of Bisomer PTE,cas:103671-44-9:
Amine accelerator for peroxide initiated formulations
Low toxicity
Low odour
Ease of handling

Benefits of Bisomer PTE,cas:103671-44-9:
Hydroxyl Functional
Multi Functional
Peroxide Initiation

Applications of Bisomer PTE,cas:103671-44-9:
Unsaturated polyesters
Acrylic flooring
Adhesives & Sealants
Chemical fixings and anchor bolts
Road marking paints
Automotive & Industrial Coatings
Wood & Leather Finishes

Transportation: No dangerous goods

HS code: 29161400

Manufacturer: GEO Specialty Chemicals (

Bisomer PTE,cas: 103671-44-9 is an aromatic tertiary amine used as an amine activator for organic peroxide initiation, ideal for use in formulations using dibenzoyl peroxide (BPO).
Bisomer PTE is extensively used to activate MMA based acrylic resins, styrene-based unsaturated polyesters and vinyl ester methacrylate formulations.In unsaturated polyesters (UPE), Bisomer® PTE has a number of advantages over more commonly used activators: it is less toxic and so has reduced labelling, has a low odour both in handling and residual post polymerisation systems. The ease of handling is due to its syrup-like consistency and it may be used as a diol to incorporate into an UPE backbone through a condensation reaction with suitable polybasic carboxylic acids.


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